The ATAS option includes the ability to survey and issue alerts for airborne aircraft operating at anyaltitude. Older alerting systems typically stopped surveying below 500’ due to congestion. With the more accurate ADS-B positioning information and the improved ATAS technology, the NGT-9000 is capable of “filtering” terminal area traffic and providing alerts down to 5’ AGL. A “Mute” button appears on the unit during a Traffic Advisory (TA) if the pilot chooses to silence alerts for other communications. Software 2.1 also improves active traffic (TAS) to allow tracking of aircraft below 380 ft AGL.

ATAS is strongly encouraged to be installed with each NGT-9000.  ATAS Option – Part # 0035-17004-01 – $Call Today MSRP Oasis MVP Members Price: call today!)

When paired with an L-3 Stormscope WX-500 Lightning Detection System, the Lynx NGT-9000 screen will display real-time lightning data at ranges of 25-200 nmi on a dedicated page. The interface is FREE with the 2.1 software. For current WX-500 owners, the system will need to be configured with the Lynx NGT-9000 as the control head. Other displays will continue to show lightning data as configured.


The L-3 Lynx TerrainVisionTM enablement offers helicopter and fixed-wing operators accurate terrain depictions and color coded display for greater ground proximity situational awareness. While not a certified TAWS application, the same database integrity and color coding protocol is shared with the Lynx TSO authorized TAWS. The TerrainVision enablement is for panel-mounted NGT-9000 ( ) models and can be activated at any time without modification to the Lynx system hardware.

TerrainVision Enablement – Part # 0035-17009-01 – $call today MSRP OASIS MVP members price: $call today!

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