Oasis Maintenance Value Plan-Plus

Personalized Aircraft Service Program

Oasis Maintenance Value Plan Plus 

is a program designed for single engine aircraft owners and multi-engine aircraft owners who want to spread out aviation service costs over 12 months. Members also receive discounts on parts, labor and services with the pre-paid account balance.   

Oasis MVP-Plus Offers More Benefits

Starting at $150 per month, we develop a scheduled maintenance program for your aircraft, spreading the costs over 12 months, in order to reduce or eliminate the painful one-time bills for annuals or unexpected maintenance.

You receive regular FAA mandates, service updates and special offers on issues that affect your aircraft.

We track your account balance, while sending you special savings on regular parts and services.

Valuable Savings for Better Safety

Call 678-870-3085 to review your aircraft plan with our Director of Maintenance or register now and our team will contact you.

Oasis MVP-Plus

Single engine aircraft maintenance plan
  • Oasis Maintenance Value Plan-Plus is designed for the single engine aircraft owner/operator to spread costs over time, improve safety and improve aircraft performance. We suggest the MVP Plus for aircraft owners who typically spend less than $2,500 in maintenance per year. Give us a call at 678-870-3085 and ask for more details on the Oasis MVP-Plus!

Oasis MVP-Plus

Multi-engine and Helicopter maintenance Plan
  • Designed for the multi-engine airplane, helicopter and corporate business owner/operator who wants to spread maintenance costs over time. We suggest this plan for owner/operators who typically spend $2,500 per more in maintenance costs per year. Give us a call at 678-870-3085.

Oasis Aviation Maintenance

FAA-approved Part 145 Repair Station, cert.#2OHR111C

We’re specialists in Cessna, Aero Commander, Piper, Mooney, and Beechcraft airplanes as well as Robinson, Bell, and McDonnell Douglas helicopters. In addition, we conduct specialty services such as IFR and VFR certifications, oxygen and nitrogen servicing, and sheet metal repair. We are a Robinson helicopter and Cessna aircraft service center.